Qualities Of A Good Letter

According to the book “Active Job Search”, the covering letter should follow a few rules:

how to write a good resume
• It should be brief and personal and should not to exceed one page.
• It should summarize the reasons for which the aspirant sets his or her objectives.
• Should be computerized unless you specify that you want it to be written by hand (some companies do handwriting analysis, and therefore care should be exercised with good handwriting write it). Moreover, your letter should use the same fonts used in the curriculum vitae.

When writing a letter, it is important that you do it with no more than four paragraphs. Each pharagraph should contain the following:

  • The first paragraph should draw the attention of those who will receive and respond to the letter. Make sure that the content of the first paragraph is original and informative. This will determine the tone for the rest of the letter. Keep in mind that this will determine whether the reader will continue reading or move to another letter.
  • In the second paragraph, its aim is to expose to the person to whom the letter is addressed to.
  • In the third paragraph, it describes the reasons why you want to qualify for a specific job. If you've done something that can be highlighted related to the characteristics that you posted on the letter, then the third paragraph is where make it clear.
  • In the fourth and final paragraph , you need to address the most important part of the letter which is your closing remark. This paragraph is where you should insert your phone, mail and other contact information. You need to write this paragraph in an active tone rather than passive. The letter must be completed using standard formulas of courtesy: "Waiting for your positive response and Yours sincerely, ...".
how to make a good resume
When making a letter, do not use phrases like Thanks for the attention you paid me, I will call you next week or other similar expressions. Despite having an active content, most people make two mistakes which is (1) assuming that the letter be received and read at a given time and (2) to be confronted with some sort of filter before they can talk to whoever you want. It is better able to meet and negotiate if you get call from the company that you have applied for. .


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